Iberia II

From the streets and breakfast table of Seville, Spain, it's more blogging-lite from the Iberian Peninsula. 

This time it's 2017 (7 May), loquat (but sadly not naranja) season.

Somethings remain the same (see last week): a bit of South America (jacaranda) in Seville. This time, though, I can put the new Sevilla Tower (near Triana) in the background.

A bit of Australia in Seville - gum and grevillea.

A few plants in a Royal coat of arms, including a pomegranate at the base of the top oval, an olive branch perhaps in the bottom left oval and a laurel of laurel weaving through anchors in the middle.

And above it, some more plant material, perhaps a laurel of a laurel again?

And this Albizia, I think, in the street near the Triana Bridge. Or is it an acacia. Perhaps I should just call it 'mimosa'.

This is a picture of a palm, with the Catedral y Giralda as a backdrop.

And, of course, potted plant...


essay best said…
Loquat is just pure love! Those of you who haven't tried it yet, MUST! It's got this sweet tangy taste and is very refreshing. Try the juice too.