Plants to save the world (Talking Plants on the Wireless III)

Rest your eyes and entertain your ears. For six weeks Talking Plants moves to the (Australian) national broadcaster, ABC Radio National, for another summer series.

I'll be back blogging in the first week of February 2016, but until then take a listen to Talking Plants 'the Radio Show', broadcast on ABC RN at 10 am every Saturday from 19 December 2015 to 23 January 2016. 

You can also podcast or stream from the RN website.

Guests this week
Professor Marilyn Anderson: Laboratory head of the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science and recently the co-recipient of the Ramaciotti Biomedical Research Award.
Dr Paul Reddell: Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer at EcoBiotics.
Yumi Sakauchi: Pictured above, in the Milson Park Community Garden. A summary of my chat with Sakauchi has also been posted on the RN homepage (duplicated for your reading pleasure on the other blog, Talking Plants Too)
And regular guest, Jim Fogarty.

Plus...this week only...a very brief appearance by Matt Damon, playing the best botanist on the planet Mars...