Order in the Court

Today's botanical excursion took us to Hampton Court Palace, for the (Royal Horticultural Society) Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

All 157,000 people who attended the Chelsea Flower Show, and every one of their friends and reletives, seemed to be at the show today. Good day to go to Westminster!

It really is huge and I can believe it is the biggest in universe, or at least the UK. So many garden landscapes, so many flowers, so many garden ornaments.

It took me a while to warm to it - perhaps it was post Chelsea fatigue or just that I live and work amongst flowers and gardens every day.

Still, the Conceptual Gardens made it worthwhile and most of my pictures are of them. You can look up who did what and who won what. In case you are wondering, the alliums (not form a Conceptual Garden) are in front of a picture of alliums - clever!

This was a day off and I just soaked up the floral atmosphere. Just me and few other folk in London - the two illustrated were created by primary school children.