Collection of collections

[Andy Muirhead and Donna Osland. Photo: Simone Cottrell]

Last night, Andy Muirhead, host of the ABC's Collectors program officially opened our collection of staff collections. This beautifully designed and created exhibition will be on display until Friday 19 December. See pigs, sheep, shaving equipment, orchids, concert tickets, fridge magnets, nautilises and pop-up books, to name a few.

Around April next year you can see the highlights of the exhibition on ABC TV. As we said in our media release: "I'm not surprised so many of the Trust staff are collectors."

“The Botanic Gardens is all about collections. We have nearly 200,000 plants in our three botanic gardens and the Domain, representing 20,000 different kinds of plants from all other the world. These collections are enjoyed by eight million visitors each year.

“And there is much more behind the scenes. The National Herbarium of New South Wales has over 1.2 million preserved collections representing the discovery of our flora right back to the time of Joseph Banks. There are over five million seeds in our Seedbank at Mount Annan Botanic Garden and a rich collection of books, archives and artworks in our library,” Dr Entwisle said.

“These collections underpin the scientific research and botanical information service of the Botanic Gardens Trust. They also provide a vast database of knowledge for monitoring climate change. The Seedbank and living collections provide a safety net against species loss.”

“It’s hard to not be infected by the collecting bug,” Dr Entwisle said, a collector in his own right of algal specimens from around the country."