Iberia V

After all the Andalusian scenery, some Gardens from further north - places like Toledo, Jarandila de la Vera an Avila. More blogging-lite from the Iberian Peninsula. 

First up the restored Palacio de Galiana, out of Toledo, a place mentioned in Don Quixote!

The view from a cigarral (country home), Cigarral de los Menores), also out of Toledo.

An organic farm (Dehesa el Malagro) near Oropesa.

The bird's nest if made of plants but it's really all about the stork, in Trujillo (the city where Cervantes, the author of Don Quizote, stayed for a while in the convent, writing one of his other books).

In Monfrague National Park there are some local trees, like this Cork Oak (Quercus suber), but also a few of the larger birds of prey, including the Griffin Vulture.

Near Jarandilla de la Vera is the farm/garden/country-house of highly regarded garden designer Eduardo Mancos (hear Eduardo in conversation with me, on Blueprint for Living) and equally well regarded author and wife Anneli Bojstad. It's call La Lancha (the rock) and includes a clever solar globe, some quirky and fun landscapes and even a red alga (Batrachospermum)...

Finally an idiosyncratic garden in Avila, the garden of San Segundo.


Wow, it looks really good place and one need to visit it for sure, thank you for telling the details about his place. Going to write it in my notebook and visit this place