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Yellow red flower

A few weeks ago I wrote about red flowers, flowering in late March to early April. Today, a yellow-flowered red flower from later in April.
I'm being a bit literal, as I like to be. Haemanthus albiflosmeans the white-flowered blood(red) flower. The better known species in this genus of blood lilies is the red-flowered Haemanthus coccineus, which I posted on in June.
The White Paintbrush Lily, or simply Paintbrush,is also a relatively popular garden plant due to its unusual-looking flower and hardiness (i.e. its 'extreme tolerance of neglect'). We have a dozen or so bulbs in our Southern Africa Collection near Gardens House, in Melbourne Gardens, opening later than the Blood Lily, Haemanthus coccineus.

Compared to the Blood Lily, the flowers of the Paintbrush are smaller, and not as eye-catching from afar. In detail, they are equally attractive. The bracts are greenish white and the bulk of the flower consists of white stamen stalks (filaments) topped by yellow anthers. Th…

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