Iberia II

From the streets and breakfast table of Seville, Spain, it's more blogging-lite from the Iberian Peninsula. 

This time it's 2017 (7 May), loquat (but sadly not naranja) season.

Somethings remain the same (see last week): a bit of South America (jacaranda) in Seville. This time, though, I can put the new Sevilla Tower (near Triana) in the background.

A bit of Australia in Seville - gum and grevillea.

A few plants in a Royal coat of arms, including a pomegranate at the base of the top oval, an olive branch perhaps in the bottom left oval and a laurel of laurel weaving through anchors in the middle.

And above it, some more plant material, perhaps a laurel of a laurel again?

And this Albizia, I think, in the street near the Triana Bridge. Or is it an acacia. Perhaps I should just call it 'mimosa'.

This is a picture of a palm, with the Catedral y Giralda as a backdrop.

And, of course, potted plant...


Loquat is just pure love! Those of you who haven't tried it yet, MUST! It's got this sweet tangy taste and is very refreshing. Try the juice too.