The boy from Nhill encounters snow at Kew Gardens

I was told at a dinner on Friday night to 'get over it'. It being snow. At that time it hadn't actually snowed, but there was a 90% chance of it doing so on Saturday night. I explained that I do just that, after I'd enjoyed my first snow fall.

Well, I have, and I guess I will. Last night we had what seems to be about 2 inches of snow. A heavy dusting? In any case it has transformed Kew Gardens and London. There's not much to say from a botanical point of view other than some plants look to be coping better with a few inches of frozen water resting on them than others. The early daffodils, for example, look decidedly sad. The conifers, look majestic.

Here are some pictures of Kew Gardens taken this morning, ending with a view from one of our windows at about 11 pm last night. (A few are the same as I posted on Facebook and tweeted.) I know the excitement will wane, but until then, hope you enjoy as much as I did.

And from last night...


Bom said…
What a winter wonderland you have. This was a very nice series and I particularly liked the last four photographs.