London Calling

I waited three days for it to appear but I can confirm that London does share the same sun as Sydney. At least it looked pretty similar from where I was standing near the Palm House.

What also look similar are (many of) the garden flowers. We’ve timed our arrival in Kew Gardens to coincide with spring and what we understand will be an increased incidence of sunlight.

The daffodils are fading but the English Bluebells are in full shock.

Such a pretty place, marred only by one of these flying over every 30 seconds or so. I think this was British Airlines.

There are some Australian connections here, in addition to Joseph Banks. I’d heard that the Wollemi Pine planted by Sir David Attenborough in 1995 had produced its first male cones but I’m pleased to report that it and its little brother/sister nearby have a lovely batch of lime-green female cones as well.

So I’m still between jobs and houses but we are settling in nicely. In the mornings I walk the grounds of the 132 ha Kew Gardens, and then later around the suburbs of Kew and Richmond looking for decent coffee, bread and a haircut. So far two out of three.


Sean Freeman said…
Glad you got some sun to remind you of home Tim, I'm envious of the bluebells they were (and still are) one of my favourite experiences in woodland - ancient or modern.

Firends and family tell me that the UK is heading into a hosepipe ban due to the absence of rain...England , nah London without rain, say it isn't so!!!

Lets hhpe that Kew has its recycled water irrigation system well established and in place.

Looking forward to your 'letters from Kew'

Sean Freeman
Tim Entwisle said…
Yes I gather hottest April for a while (although rather cold the first few days we arrived...) and in a relative drought at the moment. Still looks green of course...