Australia rocks British Museum

Last night Lynda and I attended our visit public event as Londoners. I don't start work until 27 April but one must get into the party scene early.

The event was the opening of an Australian Garden in front of the British Museum. The garden was designed and built by Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and links to an exhibition inside the museum.

In a few steps you can travel from Manly to Manjemup, or at least experience some of the plants you might see from the car window if you undertook that many thousand mile (yep, I'm converted) journey.

You can see at the start of this post a (modelled) granite outcrop from Western Australia. The Director of Kew, Professor Steve Hopper, is rather fond of this habitat.

And mid-way along, a little grove of Wollemi Pines took me back to Sydney.

The weather, which I will eventually stop talking about was also very Sydney. We had coffee outdoors in little cafe nearby and it was quite balmy (not barmy) at the launch around 7 pm. The garden will be there for about six months I gather, until the weather starts to be come a little less attractive for plants and people.

Images: from my mobile phone so a little substandard.


The stark, 'prehistoric', wild look of Aust'n native landscapes is what appeals to me. Even more striking when set against a formal backdrop. Good to know the world is still a wild place, not all tamed, comodified and purpose-bred.
Tim Entwisle said…
Bringing a little wilderness to the centre of London!