Archibald Dreaming

As my life possessions are packed up around me and I scramble around grabbing passports, clothes for six weeks, a toothbrush, my netbook and a good papery book, Hadyn Wilson is finishing off this portrait.

Hadyn may be unhappy to see his work exhibited unfinished and in poor light (his originals are vibrant and entirely different to look at) but I gather success in the Archibald Prize depends on publicity! I must do my bit.

The pose is a 'classical' one, referencing a favourite artist of Hadyn's (I'll leave this to him to explain, if he wants to). If it works out, Hadyn plans to submit the painting today, among 2000 or so hopefuls. This is the second (likely) time I've been submitted. Last year Penny Farrant did a colourful and cheeky portrait of me amid seasonal words and aspirations.

I first met Hadyn when I opened one of his exhibitions at Cessnock, where I discovered his work with great excitement. You can see a few of his pictures in this blog, or take a look at his own website, It's impressive stuff.

As to how 'I' go, we'll see. First step is to get it to the Art Gallery of New South Wales in time. That's Haydn's job. Me? Back back to separating out the woolly coats and gloves I'll need when I hit London in a week or two.


Peter said…
I like it! Good luck and I hope it makes the short list.