Please do not enter the chicken

Today was the last day of the 14th Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, held on the coastline from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Bay, Sydney.

I've tried in the past of find a few botanical links. This year I had an unexpected interview with Simon Marnie, doing his Sydney ABC Radio show from Marks Park. We talked a little about algae - seaweeds - and how the sculptures were getting in the way of viewing these fascinating 'plants'. Also about periwinkles and whether they eat algae or not - they do!

If you are looking for real links between the sculptures and plants you could look out for the following pieces: Two seeds (Rae Bolotin), Green forest object (Helle Frosig), Leaf-vessel (Virginia King), Weeping Weeds (Jennifer Orchard), At the table: are we sitting comfortably? (Sally Kidall - this one includes growing grass), Into the trees II (Linda Bowden), From optimism to hope (Andrew Rogers - featuring, according to artist, 'organic pulsating forms', which you and I would call flowers),

For a range of odd reasons, including the fact I missed a few of these due to having to limited time today and some of my pictures not doing them justice, I've only got a nice picture of Into the trees II (at top of posting) and From optimism to hope (below).

There are always plenty of provocative or just plain funny sculptures, and here are a few of those. They are, in order: Evidence - the trail continues (Kerrie Argent), Earth Fish (Daniel Wallwork), Walking on Glass (Phillip Piperides), Bondi venus (Dennis Kalous), Oushi zokei 2010 circle (Keizo Ushio), In harmony and the keeper (Philippe Moreau), Anguish (Ganghar Mahato) and Sitting hen (Tae-Geun Yang) followed by its charming warning sign to 'Please do not enter the chicken'.