We are Their Sex Slaves

This weekend (3 & 4 July) the Orchid Society of New South Wales will demonstrate why orchids have enslaved us to pollinate and propagate them. The opulent blooms of orchids will be on display in the Tropical Centre at Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens.

Mid-winter is a surprising time, to many, to have a flower show. Then again we could also be hosting a spectacular camellia show at this time of year.

In addition to the flowers themselves, you can get growing tips from experts and buy a wide range of species and hybrids.

Our Media Release (I wouldn't dare be this florid, would I?) says "Bathe your senses in sweet-smelling sprays of white Coelogyne (Plantain Orchids) and on-the-nose clusters of Bulbophylum (Bulb Orchids) that smell like rotting meat and look like accessories for a Mardi Gras costume.

"Cymbidium (Boat Orchids) will be blooming in hot orange, gorgeous golds and dusky Edwardian pinks. The displays of Phalaenopsis, so named because of their resemblance to swarms of colourful moths (Phalaena), will include the latest in miniature hybrids.

"Befriend a Paphiopedilum (Slipper Orchid) with its curious heeled flowers, mottles and stripes. It’ll be as happy in your home as on the forest floor. Grab a Dendrobium (Tree Orchid) to dangle from a hanging basket or windowsill pot."

What I will do, is gratuitously include a few snaps I've taken recently of orchids. (And for the origin of the line about sex slaves see an earlier post.)

At the top, a bowl of Phalaeonopsis in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Below, a purple Miltonia hybrid in a glasshouse in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin (Dublin) and a white roadside orchid from out of Killarney, at the other end of Ireland.

If these excite you, wait until you see the real thing?
What: The Orchid Show,
Who: Hosted by the Orchid Society of NSW and the Botanic Gardens Trust.
When: Sat 3 – Sun 4 July, 10 am – 4pm
Where: Sydney Tropical Centre, Royal Botanic Gardens
Entry Cost: Adult $5.50, Conc./Senior $4.40, Family $11
Enquiries: 9231 8125


Jim said…
Call that sex? Flamboyant chastity! The horticultural equivalent of a cold shower. For a good time, a real (that is to say succulent) garden is all about flesh, straps and spikes.