London Calling...Scientists

I'm out of Sydney for short while and on my way to the Global Botanic Gardens Congress in Dublin. This congress is held every three years and we hope to hold it in Sydney in 2016, the bicentenary of the Botanic Gardens Trust.

After landing in London this morning I've tried to stay active (and awake) by visiting a few gardens and natural history museums. I won't bore you with all the details but thought a few images relevant to plants and science would be appropriate.

In this posting I'll including some pictures from the latest addition to the Darwin Centre wing of the Natural History Museum, including 'The Cocoon'.

Our new PlantBank will borrow a few ideas from this Centre, such as putting scientists out on display - unfortunately you can't feed them through the glass.

The exhibits were fascinating and most of them worked well. I liked the scientist talking about publishing scientific papers and peer-review. The voice over said yes she had had papers rejected and it didn't make her very happy. But on a brighter note, acceptances are 'really exciting'.

Next post will be the gardening side of the day...


Karen James said…
The 'scientist talking about publishing scientific papers and peer-review'.... that's me!
Tim Entwisle said…
Wow! I remember. I almost took a picture of you saying the words but the image flashed up quicker than I thought. Great display generally and nice to have something about peer-review, including the dreaded rejections (for that matter I'm not great at taking any criticism from referees but unfortunately they are usually right...).