Shake your Bouddi

Seeing as I'm spending the weekend near Bouddi National Park, here a few pictures from Box Head (behind Pretty Beach and Hardys Bay), in the late flush of sprinter.

In Reflections from the Beach and the Bays, compiled by Jillian Baxter, John & Gwynn Wakeham recall the decline of Rock Orchids in the area "which...used to stretch from their cottage down into the sandstone ridges covering the ground with their cream flowers in season".

I'm sure there are still some Dendrobium speciosum around, but their blooms no longer cover the ground. The only orchid I saw was a Donkey Orchid, Diuris aurea (I think - I'm a little rusty on my orchids and will have to check the species name in my books at home).

Other plants featured below are Isopogon anemonifolius (group of yellow flowers), Eriostemon australasius (pink flowers), a very pretty, but small pea that I haven't identified yet (purple flowers) and of course a Flannel Flower (white flowers). All fairly common, but who can resist photographing and posting them. Not me.


Tim Entwisle said…
I can confirm the orchid is Diuris aurea. The purple pea flower is Mirbelia rubiifolia.