Seed Pod Art

If you like to mix your art and plants, take a look at this exhibition by Scott Cardamatis and Joseph Saad. Last night Bob Carr opened the exhibition at Global Gallery in Paddington with his usual mix of gravitas, substance and humour.
In tune with the artwork, the opening speech had a strong environmental message. And yes Red Gum forests were mentioned!

The art is constructed from various seed pods and other related plant parts, collected from around Australia, but mostly south-west Western Australia. It's all very sustainable, with most of the pods being unwanted waste from seed collectors in the west.

I won't try to describe the result. It's better that you head to 5 Comber St, Paddington, or too Scott and Joseph's very pretty website. I can say that I like it a lot.

Is this a new genre of art? I'm not really able to judge but this view was certainly proffered frequently at the opening.

So yes again I'm doing a bit of an advert, but I'm happy to promote projects that promote plants and conservation.


Jim said…
Pretty clever use of plant bits as texture and design
Tim Entwisle said…
It's very effective when you see it on the wall. Although simple enough the mass of 'fruits' and the textures work really well. Although I didn't know there were than many Flindersia australis trees in the whole world!
Richard Bloom said…
Stunning work. My wife and I use many of the same pods in our work, so it is a treat to see what you have done with them. I hope you keep doing it and I look forward enjoying what you come up with.