Colourful camellias

Just a quick alert to a walk and talk this weekend by our volunteer guides.

If you like Camellias (Deborah Cameron suggested this morning on 702AM it was about 50:50) consider dropping in to the Royal Botanic Gardens at 2 pm tomorrow - Saturday, 20 June.

Helen Hemphill and other volunteer guides will tell you all about 'Camellias - Winter Beauties of the Garden'. You can enjoy tea, made of course from Camellia sinensis leaves, and enjoy the many species of camellia in flower at the moment.

Of particular interest are specimens grafted by our horticultural staff, including the 'Azalea Camellia' and a yellow-flowered species, and lots of native species from China, Vietnam and nearby. You'll also be able to see Camellia oleifera, grown more widely in China than the tea camellia due to the demand for its seed oil.

It's been a great year for camellia flowering, and with the recent rain you can enjoy the blooms on and off the bush - the carpets of pink flowers are spectacular.

The walk/talk costs $15 epr person, including the tea, and you can book through 9231 8304. It starts at the Maiden Theatre, via Woolloomooloo Gate.