Hosta la vista baby

It's hasta la vista to our Hosta. A plant in our home garden we thought was a Hosta has come into spectacular flower and identified itself as an Amazon Lily (Eucharis amazonica).

As you can see, the flowers are pretty, and pretty interesting. The crown in the middle is a 'filament tube' - formed by the fusion of the stalks (the filaments) that bear the pollen-carrying bits, the stamens. It was this feature that eventually confirmed its identification.

But enough botany. If you want to see a great, and accurately identified, collection of Hosta I'd suggest a trip to the Republic of Korea (that's South Korea). Mr Lee Taek-jo, owner and creater of the Hantaek Botanical Garden has one of the best collections I've seen. I was lucky enough to visit there last year on a trip hosted by the Australia-Korea Foundation.