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Wordle: IBC 2011

Back in Sydney, to warmer mornings and a garden of excitable flying foxes.

This morning I met with fellow members of the Organising Committee for the next International Botanical Congress, to be held in Melbourne, 24-30 July, 2011. I won't give you the URL because we are about to launch a fancy new website, and some of the information on the current site is a bit out-of-date (of course you can just search for it if you are really keen).

I'm chairing the Scientific Program Committee, and our first job is to put out a call for symposium ideas. I've created a 'wordle' - see top of this post - to illustrate the kind of topics we'll cover. Bascially everything you wanted to know (or not) about plants, algae and fungi.

Once the website is active - let's say end of May - I expect a wordle created from all the symposium topics to quickly turn to into a wordy mess.