Talking photographs

While this picture has no relevance to my posting, I was reminded of it when Monty Don (on television during the week) stood in front of wheat stubble in the First Farm Garden - this is the kind of corn we can grow in the same garden

The Horticultural Media Association of NSW met down at the Gardens today. Although there were two of us giving talks, it was a concocted, at least at first, to generate some pictures for the new website. (If you take a look at the existing site you'll see it is in need of a little attention.)

Keran Barrett was after pictures 'representing what our members do - present, write, promote, talk, discuss gardening'. The day started at the ABC with photos of Judy Horton and Jennifer Stackhouse, before moving to the Maiden Theatre for a crowd of HMA members and me talking (again) about Charles Darwin.

I was followed by Michael Cole from the Plant Growers Australia Pty Ltd (PGA), who displayed some facinating new cultivars of Daphne, hellibores and more.

The rest of the day? Checking out what some of our volunteers thought might be a new piece of ikebana, but was in reality the outline of the proposed new sculpture for the Royal Botanic Gardens. And then working on our approvals for the, again proposed, flying fox relocation.