Jungle Party

Lynda and I drove up Bells Line of Road listening to C.W. Stoneking's Jungle Blues, but we needn't have been concerned. The Mount Tomah Botanic Garden staff christmas party, at the newly acquired 'Jungle' property to the east of the main garden, was a festive occasion. Plenty of food, including the traditional Tomah spit, and the sun setting over yet another spectactular view in the mountains.

A substantial donation by John and Libby Fairfax, supplemented by an Environmental Trust grant, allowed the Botanic Gardens Trust to finally add The Jungle to Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. By March 2009 the Jungle Walk will be reopened - celebrating 80 years since it was first opened as the Fairfax Walk.

This year Mount Tomah saw the official opening of the Waratah Education Centre, further progress on planning for the joint National Parks/Botanic Gardens 'World Heritage Exhibition Centre', the first stage of the new Woodland project, and plenty of other gardens and paths - look out next year for the classy path and boardwalk leading to The Jungle.

As for what happened at Mount Annan Botanic Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens and the Domain, you'll just have to read the annual report (http://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/welcome_to_bgt/quick_links/publications/2007-2008_Annual_Report).