Cacti and Succulent Society of New South Wales

As patron of the Cacti and Succulent Society of New South Wales, I'm invited each year to speak to their December meeting. I've think I've done it it every year since I've been Executive Director and I perhaps one year in the place of previous Executive Director Frank Howarth.

President Ian Hay is always very welcoming, and the whole society is enthusiastic and friendly - it's a pleasure to speak there. And they tolerate me talking about things other than cacti and succulents, although I usually manage to squeeze a few in.

This year I talked about the World's Best Botanic Garden. I've given this talk a few times this year but I peppered this version with extra succulent pictures, particulalry from Les Cedres, a private botanic garden at St Jean Cap Ferrat (near Nice in France).
(The plant label refers to a specimen collected by the owner, Ms. Julian Marnier-Lapostolle, of Grand Marnier fame.)